Floriday veilingbrief nl

Floriday developers are currently working on improvements for the updated auction function. The aim of these improvements is to ensure that the function becomes simpler and more user-friendly for growers who make use of it in Floriday’s screens. We are currently seeking growers who would like to help us test this new function.

It will soon be easier and quicker to create an auction letter in Floriday. For example, you will soon be able to create an auction letter in one screen, which means that fewer clicks will be needed, you can immediately enter the price for Auction Presales supply on the letter and you will be able to easily add and edit item properties.

The development of this function is currently in the final phase. It will subsequently be tested with a small group of users. After successful completion of these tests, the function will go live on the Floriday screens for all users. We are not yet in a position to set a date for this; users will be informed as soon as possible.

Sign up as a test user

The updated auction function will soon be tested by a number of test users to ensure that it works properly and is in line with practice. Are you curious about the updated auction function and would you like to participate in the tests?

Developing together

We implemented the optimisation of the auction function together with users. A large proportion of the requests that we received via the previously held workshops and requests made with regard to the road map were taken into account.

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