Royal FloraHolland - ‘A nomination or a win of the Glazen Tulp means a whole lot for growers’

September 8, 2020
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The Glazen Tulp is an Oscar-worthy award that goes to the best market introduction in floriculture. One of the winning products of the Glazen Tulp 2020 was the Lilium oriental-Roselily Samantha by Kwekerij Moerman Lilium. We asked Jaap Moerman what this award means to them.

"Moerman Lilium is engaged in the production and sale of Premium lilies. They regard surprising customers with new innovations and being at the forefront of product innovation as their core activities. It is very important to us that new innovations receive attention."

A nomination or a win of the Glazen Tulp means a whole lot for growers, says Jaap Moerman, Commerce Department. "You need a positive boost every now and then. We are always working on new introductions and it's therefore really important to get the recognition of a professional jury. On the one hand because it shows you that the jury thinks you're on the right track and on the other hand it is also great to get so much exposure. It is also just a lot of fun!"

Royal Floraholland Kwekerij Moerman Liliumglazentulp

"The submissions are not always equally spectacular - that's simply not possible. It is very difficult to always come up with something entirely innovative. But it is nice for growers and breeders to have a platform where they can be seen, especially if they have a truly new product. Winning a prize is always fun, but this award is truly a trade affair, something to be regarded as the crowning glory of your work."

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About the Glass Tulip Award

The Glass Tulip will be awarded to the best market introduction again this year. Would you like to help determine which innovation deserves the Glass Tulip? You can! Vote now for one of the contenders.