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Customer satisfaction survey results 2023

April 3, 2024

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Royal FloraHolland conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey among members and buyers to gain insight into satisfaction with our services and the cooperative. We like to share this transparently, because together we go for better every day.

The results of the customer satisfaction survey give us a good insight into how you as members and buyers perceive our services. We are well aware that we sometimes ask a lot of you. While we work hard every day to renew and improve, the shop also remains open. Which is not always easy for us and for you.

Overall satisfaction

Compared to 2021 and 2022, we generally see a stable picture. Members and buyers are satisfied with our financial services and the clock as a good buying and selling tool. Including a high rating for our 100% payment security for growers. The slight increase in satisfaction shows that measures taken are bearing fruit. For instance, we see that bearing for Floriday, but especially for order picking, has grown.

Improvement desired

We also see where improvement is needed, such as the logistics performance of clock products and the price/value ratio of real estate. Some issues are quick and easy to improve, while others take more time. In 2023, for instance, there was a lot of focus on improving the process to get through the peak and manage expectations well; this was clearly appreciated. This will be built on in 2024.

Want to know more about the study?

Make your voice heard more often

Would you like to give your opinion more often on topics that are important for our daily services and the future of the floriculture sector? We would be delighted! In strategic programmes, you can participate as a grower or buyer in special guidance teams. You can also make your voice heard as a member of the Council of Members, during member sessions or as a participant in the customer platform for buyers. Help build the future of auctioning, Floriday or, for example, sustainable solutions for logistics.

Contact our Customer Contact Centre to discuss the possibilities.