Peak plan further developed: Higher volumes per transaction, restriction on Auction Presales

March 9, 2023
Logistics & transport
From 3 April 2023, the Peak Plan will go into full effect. With the measures described in the Peak Plan, we aim to achieve predictable logistics, maintain price formation and more security for buyers. In this news item, we tell you more about two of the measures from the Peak Plan: higher volumes per transaction and limiting Auction presales that apply from April to June.

Better end times, predictable logistics

By deliberately auctioning a bit coarser, we aim to reduce the number of transactions in the peak period. Looking at forecasts, these measures ensure that we:
  • Achieve improved end times for flowers
  • Achieve end times of no later than 2pm for plants on the majority of the days, with some outliers on peak days.

Auctioneers in the lead on higher Volumes per Transaction

  • We start as normal with the regular low transaction size, so that small transactions remain possible on the clock.
  • Here, the Auctioneer continues to continuously monitor pricing and still determines the course of the buy size. With this minor intervention on the auction process, we realise better end times.

Limiting Auction Presales (45%) prevents shifting of clock transactions

Since buyers can buy less smaller transactions on the clock, a shift to Auction Presales may occur. Therefore:

  • We adjust the current 50% cap downwards. We do so as much as necessary and start with 45%. If necessary, we reduce by increments of 5% until we achieve the desired effect.
  • The lower Auction Presales percentage will apply for the entire peak period.
  • To ensure clarity, we do not distinguish between days, locations, product groups and flowers/plants.
  • Auction groups with B1-quality, A2-quality plants and the replaced/reauctioned auction groups are no longer available for Auction Presales.

Increase minimum transaction size Auction Presales not an option

By increasing the transaction size, many 1 package transactions created via a webshop link become virtually impossible. This is too heavy an effect, which removes this option.

What are we doing to make the peak run smoothly?

Besides auctioning in higher volumes per transaction and maximising the Auction Presales, we are also deploying other actions, including early auction days, recruiting extra staff, deploying office staff and accelerating the start of flower distribution with a final sprint for plants. These measures came about after intensive consultation with growers and buyers.

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