All Royal FloraHolland members will again receive the mail in early March to submit your NAT turnover for 2022. Every member of the cooperative is obliged to settle and report all sales directly or indirectly, via Royal FloraHolland. This means that all our members have to declare their NAT (non-auction turnover) in addition to their clock and direct trade. Only in this way is there a level playing field and all members benefit from the payment security and facilities offered by our international digital marketplace.

As a cooperative company, Royal FloraHolland wants to continue to fulfil the two main reasons for our cooperative: optimal pricing for our members at the lowest possible cost. To this end, we organise an international floriculture marketplace with a digital platform and physical hubs with services that meet the needs of our members and their buyers. This allows every member to position itself in the best possible way on our platform and with buyers.

Royal FloraHolland creates a level playing field for all members. Therefore, we kindly ask you to inform us of your NAT turnover (trade outside the auction). You can do this via My Royal Floraholland. Need help? Please see the manual here.

What is NAT?

If you sell ornamental plants or flowers that are not settled through Royal FloraHolland, this is NAT (= non-auction turnover).

This may include:
  • Sales on invoice or for cash, e.g. to traders, gardeners or other growers.
  • Intercompany sales, e.g. from your cultivation business to your own trading/export company or your own garden centre.
  • Private sales, e.g. a roadside sales stall or via a web shop.
  • Turnover sold directly to Landgard (unless settled through Royal FloraHolland).
  • All sales through other buyers (such as buyers, Retail, through other intermediaries, etc.) fall under the settlement obligation and are NAT.

What does not fall under NAT or can be exempted from NAT statement?
  • If you also sell half-grown products, cuttings, dry bulbs/tubers, you do not need to declare them as NAT: these products are exempt from NAT levy.
  • If you sell to fellow growers through the Grower-Grower Scheme (GGS), you do not have to declare this as NAT.
  • Negotiated sales to other members, not through the GGS, can be exempted from an additional levy, provided the purchasing member has still settled the products through Royal FloraHolland. If in doubt, contact your account manager or the Customer Contact Centre
  • Do you sell under an exemption to Plantion, Euroveiling or Veiling Rhein-Maas? In that case, you do not have to declare this as NAT (otherwise you will pay double commission).

Why do you have to declare NAT?

You are a member of the Royal FloraHolland cooperative. As a member, you can use all the services of Royal FloraHolland at the lowest rates. In return, you must sell all your ornamental plants or flowers from all your companies through Royal FloraHolland (Article 18 of the articles of association). This allows Royal FloraHolland to create a level playing field for you and all its members.

Didn't have any NAT turnover in 2022?

Even if you did not have any NAT turnover in 2022, we would still like to ask you to declare this. You can do this by entering €0.00 under the amount and “no NAT” under the buyer name. This will prevent us from sending you a reminder email in the coming months.

When should you declare your NAT?

  • You can register your NAT online during the year in My Royal FloraHolland – via the Temporary Exemption from Membership Obligation service. If you have a lot of NAT sales, you can then spread the settlement for the year in question.
  • You can also declare your NAT afterwards. Please do this by 30 June 2023 at the latest. If you declare your NAT late, we will charge a late surcharge of 1.5% on the NAT amount.

Do you use multi-use Royal FloraHolland packaging for NAT sales?

If you use multiple Royal FloraHolland packaging for NAT sales, this must also be declared. You can find out how to do this in the manual.

What are the costs of NAT sales?

  • If you have less than €15,000 in NAT turnover, you will receive full exemption from an additional levy.
  • If you have more than €15,000 in NAT turnover, Royal FloraHolland will first deduct €15,000 before calculating the additional levy.
  • The following levy is charged on anything above €15,000 of your NAT turnover (these are shown on your service invoice):
    • Commission of 1.5%, for membership of Royal FloraHolland.
    • Collective promotion of 0.2%, intended for the Flower Council of Holland (BBH).
    • Capital contribution of 0.5%, which will be credited to your certificates.
    • Volume discounts also apply to your NAT turnover. The volume discount calculation is based on your turnover on the day of settlement. The volume discount is shown on your product settlement.
    • Variable contribution (until you reach the annual maximum of 5,250). Variable contribution is on the product settlement.
  • A subsequent audit of the amounts declared may be carried out later this year. If more NAT is found during this audit than previously declared to Royal FloraHolland, you will pay a late surcharge of 1.5% on the NAT turnover found, in addition to the normal levies.

You can submit your NAT statement in My Royal FloraHolland (via the Temporary Exemption from Membership Obligation service).

Please submit the 2022 NAT information by Friday 30 June 2023!

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