A new set of receipts for auction groups that have been switched to order picking

January 17, 2023
Logistics & transport

Royal FloraHolland has started implementing the new logistics at its export locations. We are doing this in small steps and for each location. Last year, several auction groups at our export locations switched to order picking. A new set of receipts will also come into use for these auction groups in Rijnsburg from 22 March onwards and in Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer from 25 March 2022. Read more here.

The most important change compared to the old packing slip is that these individual receipts will now be required for each transaction. This change has been made in response to feedback from purchasers and transporters. From the end of March onwards, they will receive a new set of receipts consisting of a delivery note, a packing slip and a transaction receipt (or transaction receipts). This will enable purchasers to recognise the various lots on the same trolley and the receipt will be more compatible with their business processes.

  1. The delivery note (1 piece). This contains information regarding the entire trolley. Using the barcode on this delivery note, you will be able to scan in your trolley in a single operation in combination with the auction delivery message service. In due course, this receipt will be replaced by a sticker in Aalsmeer, which will be affixed to the upright for the Shuttle.

  2. The packing slip (1). This slip will provide you with information about the logistic supplies, such as blue shelves and, in due course, CC containers and shelves. You can also find this information on the auction invoice of your logistic supplies.

  3. Transaction receipts (multiple copies) One of these receipts will be used for each transaction.

The set of receipts will be hung under the clip on the trolley concerned.

In Eelde, the A4 packing slip currently in use will remain unchanged.

Invoicing of Logistic Supplies

When the switch is made to order picking, a number of changes will also be made regarding the invoicing of logistic supplies. You will pay the deposit for logistic supplies to Royal FloraHolland and can verify this by referring to the auction invoice. Very soon, you will also be able to do that using the RFH shipment app in the My Royal FloraHolland account.

More information

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