After almost a year of campaigning, nominations, two rounds of voting and judging, the time had come: the announcement of who would receive the Glazen Tulp Award 2022. After two years without a live award ceremony and with award winners in five different categories, it was a very festive evening. Below you will find all winners, as well as numbers two and three; their achievement is definitely also worthy of congratulations.

Winner Glazen Tulp Award 2022-2023: Cut flowers

The number one without a doubt (with 54 points) is Bredefleur with its Lilium Apricot Fudge product. According to the judges, this flower is truly innovative! "What a topper in the lily range. Consumers will cut away the stamens, though. But the ornamental value lies in the flower being totally different."

Second place goes to Monarch Flowers (42 points) with the Ranunculus Poodle Ramlia. The judges think it is a beautifully rich flower, and the flower colour is so bright and beautiful. Strong enough not to droop, lovely to combine or incorporate as a Solitaire.

Finishing as number 3 with 36 points was Arcadia Chrysanthemums (Breeder: Dekker Chrysanten) with the
Chrysanthemum Typhoon. The jury: "Intense colour contrast, medium-sized flower, usable as a solitary but also good for bouquets. Beautiful shape just a little bit different."
Glazen Tulp Snijbloemen
Bredefleur wins the Glazen Tulp in the category Cut flowersemen
Lilium Apricot Fudge
The winning product Lilium Apricot Fudge

Winner Glazen Tulp Award 2022-2023: Green Houseplants

In first place, with 46 points finished: Richplant BV with the product Geogenanthus ciliatus Midnight Pearl. The jury finds this plant "a real innovation, really different! Curious how this plant will grow, colour is really magical."

With 41 points, Hofstede Hovaria comes second. According to the judges, their Begonia Hovaria Silver Maples is "a great full plant, the markings on the leaves are beautiful!"

Third place goes to Van der Arend Tropical Plant Center (34 points) with Costus Arabicus Variegata. The judges find this plant new and sexy, "Fantastic growth and quirky (quirky)! Sense of Wilderness indoor gardening not difficult for consumers!" There is a comment about the colour, though. There was some discussion in the jury about variegated leaves, many customers quickly thinking it is an old plant.
GT bloeiende kamerplanten
Richplant BV wins the Glazen Tulp in the category Green Houseplants
Geogenanthus ciliatus Midnight Pearl
The winning product Geogenanthus ciliatus Midnight Pearl

Winner Glazen Tulp Award 2022-2023: Flowering Houseplants

50 points and the number 1 position for: De Hoog Orchids with their product Rhynchostylis gigantea Aromatique Evoke. From the jury report: Commercially innovative (Niche product). The fragrance is wonderfully soft and fresh, at the right temperature. The plant really has a botanical feel to it!

On 2 is Inca Orchids (Breeder: Anthura). They received 40 points for Impasto® Blue.
Jury comment: "Nice warm look due to the beautiful purple colour. Combines well with the green houseplant assortment. Another added plus is the plant's very easy flowering again."

Third place and 36 points is for Tillandsia Dolce from Stofbergen Plantcompany. Jury verdict: "Not new as a plant, but unique and both as a centre piece (solitary) and in combination with other green houseplants. Beautiful stately plant and hugely long-lasting and stays beautiful."
De Hoog Orchids wins the Glazen Tulp in the category Flowering Houseplants
Rhynchostylis gigantea Aromatique Evoke
The winning product Rhynchostylis gigantea Aromatique Evoke

Winner Glazen Tulp Award 2022-2023: Garden plants

Numbers 1, 2 and 3 were very close to each other in this category On 1 finished with 39 points Celosia Hot Topic Reef from Ammerlaan-Sosef BV. The judges praised its beautiful special colour and considered it an addition to the garden plant range. "Underrated plant for the garden and borders. Really a fantastic sight, of course in combination with the right planting."

With 38 points, Beauty Plants' Mandevilla Sundaville Flamingo Pink comes in at 2. The judges: "Beautiful plant, elegant look, distinctive and nice colour combination. Very easy to maintain!"

And with 37 points, Van Son & Koot lands in spot 3 with their Buddleja davidii Butterfly Candy® series. Jury comment: "Compact, complementary to the range of large bloomers. Fitting into a contemporary garden image in which biodiversity plays an important role. For balcony and small garden, this will bring biodiversity into the city."
Glazen Tulp tuinplanten2
Ammerlaan-Sosef BV wins the Glazen Tulp in the category Garden plants
Celosia Hot Topic Reef
The winning product Celosia Hot Topic Reef

Winner Glazen Tulp Award 2022-2023: Concepts

Tile Green by grower Griffioen comes in first place with 45 points! The jury: "The different seasons are beautifully incorporated in this. A contemporary translation of tile out plant in! And the fresh, youthful look of the packaging makes it appropriate for this day and age. Interestingly, this concept has also been converted to municipalities and for Retail."

In second place: The Orchid Growers with Terra Phalaenopsis Floriclone Snowflake (39 points)
Quote from one of the judges: "I think this is new and it shows the beauty of nature." Other comments from the judges' report: Small target market. Does really release the roots. Feel of Botanic, easy for consumers to maintain. Story telling missing. How is the translation to the shop floor?

Lundager's Smylieplant Happy mix in pot + pot cover comes third (32 points). According to the judges, it is the perfect mix between gadget and plant. Super fun gift segment!
Griffioen wins the Glazen Tulp in the category Concepts
Tegeltje Groen
The winning product Tile Groen


Novelties and innovation are very important for our floriculture sector. Year-round, we call on growers to apply for the Glass Tulip so that their products get the attention they deserve. These innovations contribute to achieving and maintaining a distinctive position in the (international) market.  After two rounds of voting, the professional jury could see the novelties during Trade Fair Aalsmeer and determined this year's winners.

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