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First full clock One Auction flowers

September 29, 2022

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In previous posts, you've read that we are expanding clock C06 to include the product groups Cut orchid, Alstroemeria and Strelitzia. It is now known that this clock will go live on Thursday, November 24. By adding these product groups, we are creating a fully-fledged and interesting clock for buyers. With this we are meeting the desire of many growers to auction their products nationwide. Thus, together we are moving step by step towards One Auctioning.

Growers of all these product groups can still decide for themselves from November 24 whether they supply their products at the Royal FloraHolland location in Naaldwijk or Aalsmeer. We will concentrate the supply from Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg for now.

A new clock

Auctioneer Amerik de Best: "At the end of November the time will come, for the first time we will auction all the Cut Orchid, Alstroemeria and Strelitzia on the national clock C06. We have been auctioning Cut Anthurium nationwide for two years now, and we look back with satisfaction. It is fantastic to be able to auction these four products on one clock. This is a big step in further concentrating supply and demand. We are looking forward to it and really see this as an important step towards One Auction."

New auction schedule

The introduction of the national clock C06 also means a new auction schedule. The start time of the new clock is 06.00 hours. The new auction schedule is as follows:
Auction groupDescription
317Alstroemeria Novelties
417Alstroemeria Florinca
117Alstroemeria from 70 cm+
116Alstroemeria up to 65 cm
690Cymbidium mini
680Cymbidium large-flowered
653Cymbidium gift box
660Orchid other

Consequences going live of national clock C06 on the other clocks

With the expansion of One Auction Flowers, two local clocks are also disappearing. This reduces the purchasing pressure on buyers and gives more overview.

In Aalsmeer, clock A08 will disappear. The product groups that will not move to the national clock C06 will move to the local clocks.
In Naaldwijk, clock N05 is disappearing. Most of the products from clock N05 will move to the national clock C06. The products that do not go with it, we distribute to the local clocks in Naaldwijk.

Want to know more?

We'll keep you informed about the developments surrounding One Auction Flowers. Do you have any questions about this? If so, please contact the Customer Contact Center.