One-off refund to members, suppliers and buyers due to major KOA disruption

September 21, 2022
Royal FloraHolland
Last week's major technical disruption on the KOA (remote buying) system at Royal FloraHolland caused much delay, inconvenience and extra costs for our members, other suppliers, buyers and Royal FloraHolland itself. Auctioning started several hours later than usual. This is not the service Royal FloraHolland stands for and that you should expect as a member and customer. Given the scale of this nationwide disruption in combination with the exceptionally long delay in delivery on that day, Royal FloraHolland is therefore offering a one-off compensation for growers and buyers in addition to the earlier apology.
Ruud Knorr, CCO Royal FloraHolland: "To our knowledge, a disruption of this magnitude has never occurred before in the history of the cooperative. Especially at a time when it is challenging for our members, growers and buyers to continue doing business as a result of the energy crisis, an outage of this magnitude is particularly tough. It is clear that RFH itself also has an interest in keeping the daily process as smooth as possible, both now and in the future. That is why we are constantly keen on making sure our systems are functioning properly and improving. Such a major delay in auctioning is not something our members and our customers should expect from us. Therefore, this one-time concession, also in explicit recognition of what this has meant for our customers in terms of inconvenience and problems."

What does this mean for our members and other suppliers?

Last Friday's clock provision for growers will be refunded on a one-off basis. We will offset this against next week's product settlement. You do not have to do anything for this and will receive the refund automatically next week with your payout. The settlement will be visible on your product statement next Friday.

What does this mean for our buyers?

The service charge for buyers from last Friday will be refunded once. We will settle this via next Friday's clock invoice on which you will find the settlement. You do not have to do anything for this and will then receive the settlement automatically.

Should there be any further questions, please contact our Customer Contact Centre on +31 88 789 89 89.

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