The door opens and a green sea of Spathiphyllum plants stretches into the distance. We are visiting Bestplant in Poeldijk. Nancy Zwirs, responsible for sales among other things, tells us about the family business, how they work with Floriday and what it brings them.

"Spathiphyllum is the core business of our company. We grow these year-round across nearly 10 ha. of glass houses. The plants are air-purifying and carry the Air So Pure label. We offer the larger pot sizes: 17 to 27 cm. Besides Spathiphyllum, we periodically have Hydrangeas, Green Orange and Portulaca," says Nancy. The company, which started out selling poinsettias, belongs to the Zuidgeest and Van Dijk families, both of whom have a long history in the Westland region. Sustainability and energy-neutral cultivation have been important to Bestplant for a long time. Nancy: "For example, we have about 500 solar panels and are connected to geothermal energy."

Cursing and dragging

Nancy: Bestplant trades both via the auction and direct, and since the end of 2020 Bestplant has been working completely digitally. "When I started in sales here four years ago, the company had just started using Floriday. It was then up to me to give the entire product range a place in the platform and to set up everything correctly for sales within it. Quite a task! I cursed at Floriday a lot because not everything worked right the first time, and I also had to drag colleagues with me. That wasn't always easy. It helps that I am always open to new things, especially if it can bring us something good."

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