With the Floriday Explorer, buyers could already search extensively for articles that growers have in their catalogue. Recently, the functionality has been extended to include current supply and buyers can order immediately.

The Explorer now makes it possible for buyers working in Floriday screens to quickly find the day or term supply and order accordingly. In addition, buyers can use this functionality to send requests for quotes to growers, prepare quotes and send trade items directly to their own webshop.

Improving with the test phase & purchasing challenge

A first group of buyers ('Early Access-users') is now testing the Explorer so that Floriday can match its functionality as closely as possible to the daily practice of buyers. Floriday also organised a purchasing challenge with buyers from XL Flor and Florahuis to go through and validate the functions extensively.
Raemon Prins, junior buyer at Florahuis: "We supply garden centres in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. We buy most of it on Monday and it is delivered on Tuesday. Our customers now buy in through the webshop, which is coupled through MatchOnline (ed. software package) to Floriday. In our purchasing screens we see these orders and can forward them to Floriday. We filter out some orders if they are too small, for example. We expect to use the Explorer mainly to expand our assortment by finding alternative growers or products and ordering them directly. ”

During the purchasing challenge, various teams consisting of developers and buyers tried to buy as quickly as possible on Floriday via the Explorer using a purchasing list. The afternoon resulted in a number of specific points for improvement that were implemented immediately to a large extent.

Would you also like to get started with the updated Floriday Explorer?

Do you also buy on Floriday and are youb curious about the possibilities of the Explorer? Would you also like to help
test the functionality? Contact the Floriday support team via 0174-352070 or support@floriday.io. The Floriday colleagues will guide you further in the use of the Explorer.

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