In the first week of July, a canteen meeting was held at the nursery. At the beginning of the week, a number of clock growers from the Bleiswijk area came to visit Steef Meewisse Flowers, member of the Members’ Council. In the week leading up to the meeting, a number of fellow growers were personally invited by Steef to attend. There was great enthusiasm, but for some the date and time did not fit in with their diaries. The approach for the meeting; everything is good, talking to each other is paramount while enjoying coffee with a filled cake and a beer after.
The initial introduction was followed by a visit to the garden, where Steef explained the ins and outs of the nursery. The group then went to the canteen where the meeting started with an introduction. Apart from their own introduction, a large number of subjects were immediately mentioned that the growers present wanted to talk about with each other. The topics ranged from questions and concerns about the development of energy prices and various logistics issues to the real estate at Naaldwijk and many more. Many different subjects, therefore, and unfortunately limited time to discuss all of them in depth.

It was pleasant that Jan van de Ploeg was present from the company. Many questions and remarks could be answered and explained by Jan. Jan found the meeting very valuable and for him it was good to be in discussion with growers and to know what is going on and about which subjects there are concerns and questions.

Besides Steef, Job van Egmond from the Council of Members was also present during this canteen meeting. During the discussions, it was explained how the Council of Members works and how the interests of the members are represented towards the company, with which activities the Council of Members is involved, but also for which subjects members can contact the Council of Members. For the growers present, this provided more insight and clarity on the role of the Council of Members.

A valuable conversation

The growers who were present went home again around 9 pm. It was a pleasant canteen meeting and certainly worth repeating. Much less formal than a members' session and in a pleasant, informal atmosphere without agenda, where very different subjects were discussed and opinions were exchanged. It was good for the growers to talk to each other and pleasant to have personal contact and to hear information from the company.

An evening well spent, after which everyone left with a positive feeling. This way of talking to each other is certainly worth repeating. Would you also like to organise a canteen meeting at your garden? Send an email to and we will contact you!

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