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Handling direct delivery orders via Floriday: soon available in software packages

June 29, 2022

Directe levering
More and more growers make use of the possibility of handling their direct delivery orders in the Floriday screens or via a software package that is linked to Floriday. In doing so, they benefit directly from the advantages that this offers over the current method: the Connect-EAB. This gives you more trading opportunities and more insight into your delivery orders. Not all software packages yet support the possibility of handling direct delivery orders via Floriday. In order to offer this possibility for these software packages to growers too, software suppliers will make this available to them before the end of the year.

The past few months intensive discussions have taken place with software suppliers that support the Connect-EAB, in order to reach agreement on how the direct delivery orders of their packages can also take place via Floriday. At the moment, many growers can handle certain parts of the direct delivery order process in their software package via Floriday. Soon, growers will be able to do this in their software package for the complete direct delivery order process.

Better insight and trading opportunities

Digitally handling a direct delivery order offers growers and buyers, now and in the future, more insight and trading opportunities than working through the Connect-EAB. In addition, the technology of the Connect-EAB is not tolerant to future developments that are needed to be able to exchange more information when doing digital business.

See the advantages of direct delivery orders via Floriday here:

What does this mean specifically?

  • Growers who work with Floriday screens can now already handle their direct delivery orders via Floriday.
  • A number of software suppliers have already built in full direct delivery orders via Floriday. An up-to-date overview of the developments per software vendor can be found on our website.
  • The software packages that still need to be expanded with this feature will do so in the coming months and these will be rolled out to their users. For these growers and buyers, nothing else changes in their way of working, except that they will soon have the option in their software package to deal with direct delivery orders via Floriday. Growers will be informed by their software supplier at the time of roll-out.
All growers can expect to have the option of fulfilling their direct delivery orders in or via Floriday before the end of 2022.

An up-to-date overview of the developments per software vendor can be found on our website. Check the 'Direct delivery orders' column to see if these modules have already been developed by your software supplier.

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