Due to the continuing higher volume of clock carts and the structural shortage of logistics employees, Royal FloraHolland feels compelled to take extra measures. We do this in addition to the action program that focuses on staffing, such as the recruitment campaign and increasing the deployment of office employees in the distribution process. The aim is to keep the clock logistics reliable and predictable for buyers. As one of the temporary measures, Royal FloraHolland will therefore increase the minimum purchase size from one to two packaging at the clocks at the Aalsmeer location from Friday 3 June.
The auctioneer may deviate for niche and/or small numbers if he/she deems this commercially justified. The commercial and logistical effects will be closely monitored, evaluated on a daily basis and further optimized. This measure does not apply to clock presales. Buyers therefore keep the option to buy small. The aim of the temporary measure is to achieve the intended end times. Various auction groups already have a larger minimum purchase size. A decision on the introduction of the temporary measure in Naaldwijk will be made after the first evaluations in Aalsmeer. Incidentally, no minimum purchase size will be introduced in Rijnsburg.

Communication about other parts of the action plan Logistic Performance will follow shortly.

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