We have already achieved a great deal as a sector when it comes to producing in the most environmentally-friendly way possible

March 17, 2022

In a series of portraits, we portray members of Royal FloraHolland. Entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators who talk to each other and to the management of Royal FloraHolland. Extraordinary people with their own ideas and who stand up for what they do. In this column, Bas Sonneveld gives his opinion from the FPC annual summer flowers.

  • Bas Sonneveld
  • FPC annual summer flowers
  • Sonneveld Plants
  • Summer flowering bulbs, Christmas star, Cyclamen
  • Region Westland (Naaldwijk)
  • Lives together and has a little child

"We represent almost five hundred growers with the FPC annual summer flowers. A good number therefore, and very diverse. Some have a piece of land at their father-in-law's, so to speak, while others are much bigger. That is what makes this FPC interesting for me. You always have to switch gears: what interests are there? At the end of the day, not everyone has the same idea or the same wallet.

It is great to be able to speak for our product group via the FPC. We provide input from all angles: whether it is about the clock or about promotion - there is an FPC member who knows more about each subject. For promotion, we work together with other growers (FPCs), via a national budget. What I do regret is that everything has to go through many layers. Sometimes it is unclear what exactly happens to our advice. But I have no doubt that it makes sense to let my voice be heard.

One theme that concerns me is sustainability. On the farm, we use geothermal heat and we work with carbon-free pots. Outsiders often still see our sector as polluting. And that is not justified. We have already achieved a great deal as a sector when it comes to producing in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. We could do with a bit more publicity. And the FPC can contribute to this. By advising the Members' Council in this area.

I think that working in horticulture is a wonderful profession. I joined my father's company nine years ago and have been co-owner for two years. We had some struggles in the beginning. You have to lead your child. But what makes it so wonderful is our shared passion. We both work very hard at it. And I don't mean that negatively. It manifests itself in beautiful things, such as investing in a spray boom and in fixed pot arrangements on the farm. My father had faith in my arguments and went along with me. I think that's great: this way we bring the company a step further together.

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