What is the optimal price for a product and how can you spend less time negotiating? We're adding a new way of trading – Direct Bidding – to Floriday. We are introducing it to make it easier for buyers and growers to negotiate via online bidding.
More online sales are being made in the floriculture sector than before, yet growers and buyers still spend a lot of time negotiating. Time is spent determining the optimal price, looking for a buyer or grower, negotiating and concluding an agreement, and processing and booking the deal in the systems. A new way of trading in Floriday can help growers and buyers.

Trading by bidding

Floriday introduces Direct Bidding in the Floriday screens. Direct Bidding allows growers and buyers to trade easily with each other by means of bids. Growers put their supply online and buyers can buy directly by bidding the asking price or by making a counter bid. With a counter bid, the deal is closed as soon as the grower accepts the bid.

Increasing and simplifying trading

‘Direct Bidding can help growers and buyers in several ways to increase and simplify their trade,’ says Martin de Ruiter, Commercial Manager of Floriday. ‘Firstly, Direct Bidding creates extra buying and selling opportunities for growers and buyers. Buyers can find (new) supply from (new) growers without the need for an existing trading relationship. Another important advantage is that – due to the open and interactive bidding aspect of Direct Bidding – growers and buyers can quickly gain real-time insight into market prices. Finally, we believe that Direct Bidding also saves time in the negotiation process; telephone sales, whatsapping and emailing back and forth are no longer necessary.’

Direct Bidding starts for a select group of growers

In April, a first group of growers will start using Direct Bidding in the Floriday screens. After that, we will open up Direct Bidding to more and more growers. Interested growers can register as an early-access user. Buyers will be able to use Direct Bidding immediately after it goes live, but they can also register; then we'll keep you informed as soon as Direct Bidding starts.

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