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One Auction of plants to start after summer 2022

March 2, 2022

Royal Flora Holland Ficus
Royal FloraHolland is planning to combine the entire supply of plants in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk after the summer. The two current auction schedules will be merged into one. This will provide buyers with an overview of and access to the complete and broad assortment of plants from growers that supply at one or both of the locations. In this way, growers will create more opportunities for optimal pricing of their products.
The plants are auctioned via the remote buying (KOA) system. In accordance with the agreements made with the Local Auction sounding board group, we will preserve the local auction in Rijnsburg for the time being.

Wish of many growers and buyers

In 2020, we began the One Auction pilot with the cut Anthurium product group, in which all cut Anthurium growers participated. The pilot was carried out using the current system. Various elements of the future One Auction were tested. The pilot was a success and since then the cut Anthurium supply has been auctioned at different locations at the same time using a unified auction schedule. Therefore, we are now preparing to take the next step towards One Auction: combining the supply and demand of the total range of plants in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. We are doing this in collaboration with the One Auction Support Team, which consists of growers and buyers, and the FPC chairs.

Step by step

This development has been a wish of many plant growers for some time. We have seen plant supply decrease for some time already, which has impacted the pricing at auction. Through the concentration of supply and demand of plants at the two locations, we are creating the conditions for optimal pricing. For buyers, this means that they can access a broader and more complete supply. Flower growers also want their products to combines at auction. We are working towards this step by step together and we will determine the best time and approach for this.

What does this mean for suppliers and buyers?

  • Combining the supply and demand of plants at Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk means that there will be a new auction schedule with a new start time for One Auction of plants. At Rijnsburg, we will continue to auction plants locally.
  • We are going to auction using five group clocks rather than seven. In the low season, we will reduce this to four group clocks.
  • The auction for plants will start at 06.30. We will strive for an end time of 10.30.
  • Inspections will remain, but will change. Buyers will also be able to view the products online using the RFH photo app.
  • Novelties will be given a prominent place in the auction schedule.
  • The transition is not happening until after summer, which will give suppliers and buyers ample time to prepare. We are therefore taking our time with this. Suppliers and buyers can rely on timely information about what One Auction of plants means for them and what they need to do. We are also working with the Support Team for growers and buyers and the FPC plants throughout this process.

What will change specifically for suppliers?

  • Suppliers will continue to decide which location they supply to.
  • The drawing of lots will be carried out using random grower lots, like the ones already used for the new logistics.
  • Loyalty will be taken into account in the auction schedule.

What will change specifically for buyers?

  • Every buyer at the auction will have an individual buyer card number. Since the same numbers are used in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, we are going to assign new buyer card numbers. Buyers that receive a new buyer card number will be informed about this well in advance.
  • To be able to buy from five clocks simultaneously, we will ensure that buyers can see a full overview of all auction in KOA on one screen.
  • Inspections will remain, but will change. Inspections will be possible until half an hour before the start of the auction and until an hour before on busy days. Buyers will also be able to see the product photos of the products being auctioned and the next products to be auctioned on an extra screen. This will be possible with the recently launched RFH photo app. This app will also contain the FloraMondo marked supply.
  • We will also research when we can offer inter-location transport and determine the conditions and rates for this service.