More possibilities for buyers on Floriday; search and order using the Explorer

January 12, 2022
Floriday Explorer
Floriday is expanding further this year with features for buyers. In order to successfully conduct digital business, it is important for buyers to be able to easily search for trade items in the growers' catalogue. This way, they can compile their assortment and place orders directly.
Interviews with buyers have revealed that the ability to search growers' catalogues is mainly used to compile an assortment and to place orders directly. We are therefore renaming the ‘Catalogue’ to ‘Explorer’. This will be divided into two parts: buyers will soon be able to search in all trade items (trade item explorer) and in direct trade (direct explorer).

‘Trade item explorer’

In the ‘trade item explorer’, buyers can look for new growers and products to put together the assortment. For example, they can find items to draw up (retail) contracts, fill the webshop or make table plans. With extensive filter options, buyers can easily select the right items to add to the webshop.

The ‘trade item explorer’ will be developed first and is currently being tested with a group of buyers. Based on the feedback, this function will be further optimised and it will become available to a larger group of buyers in the first quarter of 2022.
Floriday catalogus

‘Direct explorer’

The next phase is the development of the ‘direct explorer’. With the ‘direct explorer’, you will soon be able to search the floriculture catalogue and order based on current supply. This allows the process of day trading to be optimally complemented by quick searches that can be ordered from directly.

In the upcoming period, we will keep buyers informed about the developments of the Explorer in Floriday.

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