Rosen Kretz DE: “It has become routine for us to do our trade through Floriday”

December 20, 2021
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We recently spoke with Rosen Kretz DE about working with Floriday, their passion for roses, the benefits of the platform and the challenges they are facing. “For us, it’s clear that we want to have all of our customers in our network in Floriday by 2022."

The nursery has been in business for over 40 years and it’s now being run by the second generation. In a greenhouse area of 30,000 m², they cultivate different kinds of roses with the most diverse color variations all year long. The supply not only includes traditional rose varieties for every occasion, but they also offer an exclusive selection of roses for special moments.

Floriday professionals

Rosen Kretz DE heard about Floriday through Royal FloraHolland. “At first, we just saw it as a replacement for our old software and manner of working. In the past season, we used Floriday, which wasn’t easy for us at first. Fortunately, we had a lot of help from Floriday, as a result of which everything gradually became a little bit clearer. That was very useful! Nowadays, we handle all of our trade and marketing via Floriday, and we’re real Floriday professionals!

“We use quite a lot of features in Floriday, like the dashboard, the purchase tip, Auction Presales, Auction deliveries, stock, batch prices, direct sales, corrections, customer satisfaction, network and the shop. It has become routine for us to do our trade through Floriday. We would like to expand our use of Floriday even more in the future.”

No input errors

"We’ve completed our entire catalog, with pictures of the trade items saved in the catalog. Our customers appreciate that a lot. The source of the images is very important to them. In addition, the pictures have to be supplied for Auction delivery anyway. Floriday has made it so much easier for us. We select the products for a purchase tip or for direct sales, after which they can easily be purchased by the customer. Thanks to Floriday, we no longer make any input errors, because the pick list and the delivery note are automatically generated in Floriday. That works perfectly for us and it saves us a lot of time. In our opinion, the best feature in Floriday is the direct sales feature, because after that everything is automated."

Rosen Kretz DE also uses the correction functionality in Floriday, which they say is very fast. “We no longer have to send an extra email to Royal FloraHolland. Our customers receive a message and confirm it. Very easy and clear! We also use Floriday’s My Shop function. Our supply is presented there, but we also use it to check whether our customers have purchased any products yet.”


“For us, it’s clear that we want to have all of our customers in our network in Floriday by 2022. In the upcoming weeks, we will further expand the network, sales and marketing functions in Floriday so that next year, we can make our daily activities even more efficient. We hope that Royal FloraHolland and Floriday will encourage many more customers to join and work via Floriday. This will ultimately lead to more efficiency for everyone."

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