In the past few days, a great deal of attention has been given in the press to the security problem that has been discovered in software known as “Apache Log4j” that is used to create logbooks. And if this problem is present in the IT systems used within your business and is not rectified quickly, you run the risk of falling victim to ransomware. In this context, we are not just talking about ERP packages or your website, but also about IT systems in use in your nursery.
We therefore recommend getting in touch with the relevant IT or software provider to find out whether this security problem is also present in the software you are using and if so, what measures you need to take.

Based on existing reports concerning this security problem, Royal FloraHolland has, of course, investigated whether it already exists within Royal FloraHolland’s own IT systems. By working closely with our IT providers and based upon all available insights and our knowledge of our systems, we have come to the conclusion that this is not the case or have taken measures to remedy the risk. We are monitoring developments closely and will take additional measures if necessary.

Be prepared for cyberattacks

To improve your ability to withstand cyberattacks, it is sensible to check whether you have taken the following measures, as a minimum:
  • Keep all software up to date and install updates whenever they are available.
  • Use a virus scanner on all computers and make sure it is always up to date.
  • Use a firewall between the internet connection and the company’s network.
  • Make a regular copy (backup) of your data and make sure that the copy is not linked to the network or servers (otherwise it too may become infected with ransomware).
  • Do not click on attachments or links in an e-mail if you do not trust the person who sent it to you.

More information

If your IT/software suppliers are not sufficiently aware of this risk, the following articles will help you bring them up to speed about it:

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