Extra update following the press conference of the Dutch government on 18 December 2021

December 19, 2021
Royal FloraHolland
Yesterday, the Dutch government announced in a press conference that the Netherlands will go into lockdown as from Sunday 19 December 2021 until at least Friday 14 January 2022. What does this mean for the floriculture sector? We give you an update.

All non-essential shops will be closed as of today. Unfortunately, this means that florists and garden centres also have to close their doors, especially in the period just before Christmas. The sale of floriculture products will remain possible through click-and-collect. Online ordering and collecting of flowers and plants remains possible. A period of 4 hours between ordering and collecting is not required. Products ordered online can be collected in time slots. The outdoor sale of Christmas trees remains possible.
For the time being, we expect the market to continue functioning as it normally does during this period of the year. The important export countries for the floriculture sector are not in a hard lockdown at the moment, and therefore export will remain stable. In the Netherlands, the current measures will allow the sale of flowers and plants to a limited extent. Hence we expect the demand for flowers and plants to be maintained, and therefore the loss of turnover to be limited.

We are monitoring developments and are in close contact with relevant organisations in the Netherlands and in the most important export countries.

Of course we will keep you informed of relevant developments.

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