Royal Flora Holland Ledenraad 2021

From 1 to 8 December 2021, you can vote for new and re-appointable members of the Members' Council. The Nominating Committee proposed six candidate members of the Members' Council.

Selection process for candidates Members’ Council

Each candidate applies to the Nominating Committee and, in addition to their CV, also sends a letter of motivation explaining the background to their application. Candidates then enter the application process. Interviews are conducted, always accompanied by two members of the Nomination Committee. Interviews are held to discuss, among other things, the candidate's motivation and the extent to which he or she is willing and able to cooperate. The candidate's knowledge and skills are also discussed. This is how a picture is created of what role within the Council of Members the candidate might be able to perform. In addition, attention is paid to the opportunities and challenges facing Royal FloraHolland and the floriculture sector as a whole, and how the candidate views these.

The most suitable candidates are selected based on the discussions between candidates and the Nomination Committee. Issues such as the type of business, location, size of business and type of crop are also taken into consideration. A Members' Council comprising only cut flower growers or mainly members from North Holland is not desirable. It is important that the balance is good and that it reflects the membership and fits the cooperative.

Let your voice be heard!

Make your voice heard! The world has changed a lot. Corona is speeding it up. We face challenges, but there are also opportunities. By giving your voice, you shape the future of our cooperative.

How can you cast your vote?

You will soon be able to cast your vote for the six new candidates for the Council of Members and the six renominated members of the Members’ Council. You can also vote for members who will form the Nomination Committee from 1 January next. You can vote from 1 December to 8 December at 6 pm. You can do this digitally with the voting card that you will receive by email. The results will be announced on Thursday 9 December. This will take place during the online Members Meeting at 15.30 hrs.


After careful selection, the Nominating Committee has chosen six new members. They are nominated for appointment as members of the Members’ Council as of 1 January 2022.

Candidates Council of Members:
  • Piet van Baalen, Dune and Flowerbulb Region
  • Thijs Hermans, Westland region
  • Bas van Keulen, North Holland region
  • Jelle van der Kroft, Dune and Flowerbulb Region
  • Marcel van der Lugt, Westland region
  • Jan van Paridon, Dune and Flowerbulb Region
Reappointable members of the Council of Members are:
  • Richard "Kiki" Fernandes
  • Frank Ammerlaan
  • Dick Houtenbos
  • Robin van der Knaap
  • Riya Bunty Shah
  • Lydia Klaver
Candidates for the Nomination Committee are:
  • Goos Hofland from Westland
  • Jan Mantel from Andijk
  • Avner Sheer from Israel
  • John van der Slot from Noordwijkerhout

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