For a week now, buyers have only been able to purchase on Royal FloraHolland’s auction clocks by entering quantities. Using audio has since become a thing of the past. A milestone that was 1.5 years in the making.

What is entering quantities?

Various purchasing methods were used at Royal FloraHolland’s locations. This means that you could still purchase using audio or by entering quantities in Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Eelde, while in Naaldwijk only purchasing by entering quantities was possible.

We are moving towards a nationwide, and therefore location-independent, digital auction. For this reason the different purchasing methods at our locations were aligned. We decided to opt for entering quantities. The result being that a buyer will no longer be able to use audio (speech) to indicate their purchase intention on Royal FloraHolland’s auction clocks, but only by means of entering quantities. This way, there will be fewer disruptions and a more constant auction rhythm.

One full year of preparation

The switch to entering quantities in Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Eelde was a step-by-step process. It was already announced last year that the switch to entering quantities would take place in 2021. However, various buyers expressed their concerns about functionalities that could possibly not be accessed when entering quantities. Those concerns were dealt with in the best possible way by integrating a large part of those functionalities in entering quantities.

Auctioneer Erik Wassenaar about the switch to entering quantities: ‘We found it important to give buyers the time to switch to entering quantities at their own pace. This switch to entering quantities proved quite a chore for those buyers who used audio for many years. I’m sure it took a lot of getting used to. This is why we would like to thank them for their commitment to master entering quantities as well.’

The first results

The switch to entering quantities was fairly uneventful. Pricing hasn’t significantly changed and the purchasing power remained the same. Thanks to switching to entering quantities there are less auction disruptions making the entire process go much faster enabling us to finish the auction much earlier. This may cause you to experience the feeling that it takes longer for you to receive the purchased products. Which isn’t the case as the end times remain the same.

More information

Please contact the Customer Contact Center.

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