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As of Wednesday 17 November 2021, you will no longer be able to signal your purchase intention on Royal FloraHolland’s auction clocks using audio (speech), you will have to enter quantities instead. This will apply to all auction groups. So switch to entering quantities now.
Various purchasing methods are used at Royal FloraHolland’s locations. This means you can still purchase through audio or by entering quantities in Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Eelde, while in Naaldwijk only purchasing by entering quantities is possible.

We align the different purchasing methods at our locations. We have opted for entering quantities. This means that soon, a buyer will no longer use audio (speech) to signal their purchase intention on Royal FloraHolland’s auction clocks, but by means of entering quantities. There are fewer disruptions and a more constant auction rhythm.

The updated entering quantities

Entering quantities has been updated. With the updated entering quantities method, you can now use the following functionalities:
  • Set up your own keyboard. From now on, it will be possible to:
    • purchase quantities of '7' and '11' via the O and P buttons respectively;
    • allocate quantities of packaging units or auction trolleys to 12 freely assignable keys;
    • delete quantities from a certain key;
    • purchase a quantity through a key combination using the space bar.
  • You can use a key combination to submit an Urgent sale (only available in Rijnsburg);
  • You will still be able to file an error report. If you fix the Auction price high for the next lot, the Auctioneer will open an audio connection.

Make the switch now!

Entering quantities is already possible now at all locations. You can also use test clock T60 at any time to practise purchasing via entering a quantity. Do you still use audio (speech) to buy via the Auction? In one month – as of Wednesday 17 November 2021 – this will no longer be possible. So be well prepared, and start switching to entering quantities now.

We are happy to help you

Having problems? We will be happy to assist you in making the transition to entering quantities, and you can drop by at one of our locations if you wish. Please contact our Customer Contact Centre about this.

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