"Our company cars are driving around with a big sticker proclaiming 'Winner of Glazen Tulp 2020'"

July 28, 2021
Trade fairs & events

Royal FloraHolland introduced the Glazen Tulp Award to encourage growers and breeders. It is an award for the best market introduction in the area of flowers and plants. Last December, ANSU won with Tillandsia in design frame in the Concepts category. They have signed up again for this year!

Airplants have taken off in a big way in recent years; they're very hip. The airplant belongs to the genus Tillandsia, which in turn belongs to the Bromelia family. Westland grower Steef van Adrichum of ANSU was a winner with the Tillandsia in design frame.

"We're proudly driving around in our company cars are with a big sticker proclaiming 'Winner of Glazen Tulp 2020'. You have to make something of it yourself! We're proclaiming it proudly to the outside world, that helps us and the Glazen Tulp Award. All the offers we generate from this item will feature our own 'Winner of Glazen Tulp' logo."

Winning makes you want more

Why should companies with novelties participate in the Glazen Tulp Award? "If you've got something really new, it would be foolish not to participate. It costs nothing, and you can use this award for your own marketing."

ANSU is taking part again this year. "Absolutely. Winning makes you want more. This year, we're taking part with the 'Desert Rose', a slick concept. A real work of art from nature."

More about the Glazen Tulp

The Glazen Tulp Awards will be presented to the best market introduction again this year. You can still register your novelty for the second round of voting.

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