Royal FloraHolland introduced the Glazen Tulp Award to encourage growers and breeders. This is an award for the best market introduction in the area of flowers and plants. Marginpar was the winner in the Cut Flowers category last December. How do they look back on this glorious moment?

"I can still remember the entire circus on our doorstep at the end of 2020: Royal FloraHolland, presenter Romeo and a film crew. The confetti flew through the air. After that, the news spread like wildfire and our winner, Talinum 'Long John', received considerable attention in various media. The award was immediately taken along to the nursery in Tanzania. Everyone was extremely proud there too."

Helena van Achterberg, responsible for the marketing and communications of Marginpar is still proud of the award more than seven months later. "At Marginpar, we are always busy developing new varieties. We love innovation and surprising people. That process often takes a long time and doesn't happen without a struggle. We don't give up easily; we keep on going until the product is totally right. That's why an award like the Glazen Tulp is an enormous boost. It's proof that we're doing is appreciated, by both the professional jury and the florist."

Strong competition

The company from Aalsmeer will be taking part in the Glazen Tulp Award again this year, with their Clematis Amazing® Vienna. "The first white cut clematis from the Amazing® series. The series primarily consists of purple and pink varieties; a white one is a long-held dream of ours that is finally coming true. And it's not only a dream of ours; many florists also absolutely love it. There are a few strong competitors, so it's going to be exciting to see whether Vienna actually goes home with the award. There are truly unique varieties taking part and every grower and breeder is doing his or her best. It's simply a treat to be able to experience it all."

More about the Glazen Tulp

The Glazen Tulp Awards will be presented to the best market introduction again this year. You can still register your novelty for the second round of voting.

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