Today, the initiators of the emergency brake petition presented the petition by email to the chairman of the Members' Council of Royal FloraHolland, Marcel van Tol. "I received the petition today on behalf of the Members' Council. I will read it this weekend and we will proceed with the formal steps of this process. The most important thing for me, however, is to find out what is behind this. What drives the people to sign this petition? I am therefore pleased with the concrete information we have received now."

Girl in a jacket

The petition was signed by members of Royal FloraHolland and non-members. If the response from members represents at least 5% of the voting value of Royal FloraHolland is not yet known. Marcel van Tol: "We assume that the initiators have done their job well. Formally, we must check whether the petition complies with the rules that we have agreed on in the cooperative. But clearly there are concerns among members. We experience that ourselves too. I hear that both inside and outside the Members' Council. The question is: is there a difference between what the Members' Council is picking up and raising, and this petition?"

Formal confirmation

The next step in the procedure is a formal confirmation of receipt from the Members' Council to the contact person of the petition. " We have 10 days for that. I don't think we need those 10 days, I want to proceed with this at a good pace. I expect that applies to the entire Members' Council."

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