In a series of portraits, we would like to introduce members of Royal FloraHolland. Entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators who will enter into discussion with each other and the management of Royal FloraHolland, concerning issues we are facing as a cooperative. Exceptional people with their own ideas and a shared dream: a flourishing future for our cooperative. We will start with the growers who were the founding members of the Members' Council. As of 31 December 2020, these members are stepping down as Members' Council members. What is the current status of the Members' Council? What has been achieved for the members?

Paul Koenraadt (58)

  • Nop-Fleur B.V., Peonies
  • Region Northeast polder
  • Girlfriend and two children

"I am a one-man band - I have a small company. Due to my time in the Members' Council, I have experienced how a large company is managed. That was very educational. How do you move a large number of people in the same direction? And how do you deal with all their interests? The Members' Council has a good representation of the different types of growers. As a small company, I've always felt heard. The conversation was always very open."

"I am proud that the auction has started moving forward again, with Floriday, among others. It is a development we cannot escape. As a side note: it does not always get easier for growers. And it takes more time. We are growers, not IT people. It's something that is easily forgotten sometimes, in my opinion."

"Due to my time with the Members' Council, I have a different attitude towards the game. I no longer look at changes just through the eyes of my own company. I have more knowledge of the common interest. The cooperative must continue to explain thoroughly why certain decisions are made. That's how we keep members on board. Change will always cause resistance. The trick is to handle it well."

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