Royal FloraHolland - David van Mechelen (CFO) on 100% Digital: "Don't run out of time"

November 10, 2020

All direct transactions in the Royal FloraHolland marketplace will be concluded entirely digitally at the latest by the end of 2020. This change is both necessary and promising at the same time. With the end of the year fast approaching, growers and buyers still have a few weeks to get ready to trade 100% digital. In this video message to the sector, CFO David van Mechelen emphasises the importance of 100% Digital.*

Many growers and buyers are already ready for fully digital trading or are now preparing to start working with Floriday. Numerous software suppliers are also currently testing or rolling out the link with Floriday for their customers. Soon it will no longer be possible to trade directly through the Connect-EAB.

David van Mechelen "We are asking a lot of the industry, but we are doing it for the greater good. We want to connect growers and buyers through Floriday so they can make their business operations successful and grow. That's why I'm asking you to take action, to start working on Floriday and not to wait until the end of the year because by then you'll be running out of time".

Do you have questions about how you can start working 100% Digital by the end of the year? Floriday's support team is ready to answer your queries. They can be reached at and +31 (0) 174 35 2 070. Or read more at

* Update 25 November:
Temporary leniency scheme in the event of not meeting 100% digital requirements

Growers, buyers and agents who are not yet ready to trade 100% Digital for direct transactions on 1 January 2021 can make use of a temporary leniency scheme until 31 March 2021 at the latest. This temporary leniency scheme is aimed at growers, buyers and agents who are waiting for the link with their software package, or at parties that are already working 100% Digital, but the other party isn't yet. The application for this leniency period should be made through software suppliers.

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