The second wave of the corona virus has also led to stricter measures in neighbouring countries. As a result, we have noticed that in some product groups, demand is dropping and supply on our clocks is increasing. For some product groups there has even been an increase in the rate of unsold product. The Crisis Management Team (CMT) of Royal FloraHolland has been keeping a close eye on the situation and will act when necessary.

Market situation in Europe

In France various businesses including bars and restaurants are being closed, with the exception of those who sell basic necessities. Food markets remain open. The flower shops will close from Monday so that they can still sell for All Saints' Day. Garden centres and DIY shops (e.g. Castorama, Leroy Merlin) remain open for the time being.

In Ireland, there is a lockdown that forces all high street retailers to close for six weeks. Do-it-yourself (DIY) shops and garden centres are still open. For both countries, online flower and plant sales will continue.

In Italy, measures are being taken to reduce the movement expected in cemeteries during All Saints' Day. The shops in Spain and Germany remain open.

Continuous monitoring by CMT

The CMT closely monitors the supply and demand per product group and, together with the auctioneers, is in discussion with the chairmen of the FPCs in order to be able to act if necessary. In concrete terms, this could mean that the supply regulation at the clocks of the export locations will come into force again for a number of product groups. This supply regulation will enable us to prevent a large amount of destruction of products. However, at this time the supply regulation is not yet necessary.

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