Royal FloraHolland - Environment and safety brochure, with the newest rules for using the marketplace

October 8, 2020

Royal FloraHolland wants everyone to be able to work in a safe and healthy environment. The safety at the marketplace is the responsibility of all its users. Therefore, together with suppliers, customers, growers and employees, we are working on a safe working environment. In the renewed issue of the Environment and Safety Brochure, you can find the current legislation and regulations, and additional requirements on these topics.

Through the Environment and Safety Brochure we inform you about the current legislation and regulations, and additional requirements that you need to follow with regards to Environment and Safety. The requirements in this brochure are on top of the Auction Regulations.

New version

Because the Dutch Legislation and Regulations are subject to change, this also results in changes in our own policies. This why we periodically renew the Environment and Safety Brochure. The issue from 2016 has recently been updated. In the newest version you will find:

  • Requirements to wear safety shoes and visibility clothing in line with the new safety rules.
  • Requirements with regard to industrial waste.

The Envrionment and Safety Brochure from 2016 and the separate Regulations on Industrial Waste from 2010 are now invalidated. By including the Regulations on Industrial Waste in the Environment and Safety Brochure, Royal FloraHolland simplifies the set of legal documents for users of the marketplace.

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