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With the Sales Management service, Royal FloraHolland's sales professionals are relieving the burden on various growers' in terms of sales, marketing and contact management. They give growers advice on their sales strategy and look together at how they can strengthen it. Teunis Versteeg and Jelle Pippel make use of Royal FloraHolland's Sales Management. What are their experiences?

Teunis Versteeg - co-owner of Kwekerij De Liesvelden - explains: "We make use of a sales professional from Royal FloraHolland and that makes all the difference. Our nursery is about an hour's drive from Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, where Stijn (Kempen - sales professional at Royal FloraHolland. ed.) can be found at the auction every day. He is creating demand and is in close contact with buyers".

Jelle Pippel of Kwekerij Pippel Lisianthus about the service: "By purchasing the Sales Management service, I am unburdened and I receive help with achieving our company's ambitions".

Watch the video with Teunis and Jelle's experiences.

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