“The Glazen Tulp makes you feel like you are on the right track”

August 19, 2020
Trade fairs & events

The Glazen Tulp Award is the perfect opportunity for grower Kuivenhoven Poeldijk B.V. to highlight new innovations. Last year, they won in the Flowering Indoor Plants category. This year they will of course participate again. Rick van der Burg shares what the Glazen Tulp Award means to him.

Kuivenhoven Poeldijk B.V. is active in the cultivation of seasonal products. Our largest cultivations are the Addenda Campanula and the Helleborus Gold Collection. "It's important to us to always develop new or better products to keep delighting the consumer. In this way, we also continue to be of interest to the trade, which is always looking for new innovations".

In addition to the Glazen Tulp, Kuivenhoven Poeldijk B.V. has a strong focus on the introduction of new and improved products. "We visit customers as much as possible and also exhibit at trade fairs. Many customers visit us, too, so they have often already seen the new products. In addition, the breeder also does a lot of marketing to promote the new product".

Kuivenhoven Poeldijk B.V. has registered several times for the Glazen Tulp Award. And with great success! In 2017, they won with the Campanula Intense Purple in the category 'Outdoor Plants' and last year they also won the Glass Tulip with the Poinsettia Euphorbia Christmas Mouse in the category 'Flowering Indoor Plants'. This year, they will present the Campanula Ambella Pink to compete for the award. "The Glazen Tulp Awards are very important. It makes you feel like you are on the right track and it also makes you proud of the product and the company. All the submissions are wonderful, again, this year. It's going to be very exciting to see who will take home the award!"

More about the Glazen Tulp

Do you have a market introduction that can be traded in 2020/2021? Enter your product for the Glazen Tulp Award! You can do so until 1 September 2020.

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