Eelde is switching to group rates by the end of the summer; what does this mean for you as a buyer?

July 22, 2020

We are about to modernise many things in Eelde this summer. Eelde will switch to the very latest auction and sales techniques and we will apply a new method of logistics handling there. At the same time, Eelde will start working with Royal FloraHolland’s group rates. This means you will always have uniform rates in all of our systems. For most Eelde customers, this will entail a reduction in the purchasing costs.

What are the most significant changes for you as a buyer?

1. The service levy per purchasing day will be discontinued and will become a fixed monthly amount for a subscription to remote buying or Remote buying auction room workplace.
2. The current Eelde service levy (with 2 scales) will be replaced by one transaction levy per transaction (with a discount scheme afterwards). This levy is higher than the current transaction levy in Eelde.
3. The promotion levy (0.19% purchasing turnover) and the collection for the assortment fund Eelde Select (0.01 per transaction) will remain the same.

Grower rates will remain the same

The rates will remain the same for growers. With our current rates, it is and will always be appealing to growers to supply multiple lots on a trolley. This way, you can provide our buyers with a broad and deep assortment of flowers and plants.

More information

In the coming months, we will ensure you are closely involved in the developments at our Eelde location. Make sure to also keep an eye on our website and our newsletter, where we will regularly give you updates.

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