At Royal FloraHolland, we are working every day to improve our logistics services. We are structurally strengthening logistics processes at all locations in order to reduce lead times and expected end times for you. However, the RIVM guidelines require drastic changes to our logistics process.

To this end we have adapted several distribution processes in Aalsmeer and set up an additional process. This way we can comply with the 1.5 metre guideline and keep our services at the same level. Between 6.00 am and 6:30 am, we start distributing the flowers in the plant distribution hall. We distribute the plants in the distribution hall along with the flowers, after the distribution of the flowers is completed. This is a tough job, but we want to try to process as many transactions per hour as possible to ensure that products are delivered to you on time.

We remain committed to serving you better every day.Our service provision is our priority. The safety of customers and our employees is paramount in this respect.Therefore, please observe RIVM guidelines and our standard safety rules to ensure a safe marketplace for everyone.

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