On Friday 1 May 2020, Floriday will kick off an information campaign for growers and customers about the 100% Digital programme. All direct transactions at the Royal FloraHolland marketplace will only be concluded digitally by the end of 2020 at the latest. With the information campaign, buyers and growers will receive all additional information about 100% Digital, and it will make clear what this means for them and what they can do themselves.

The 100% Digital programme is one of the focus points of the Royal FloraHolland strategy. This programme focuses entirely on digitisation and is being implemented more quickly, partly as a result of the corona crisis. Growers and buyers were already informed about the ambitious programme through member sessions and news reports in late 2019.

An information brochure is on its way

Tomorrow, more than 5,500 growers and buyers will receive an information brochure. In addition to a general explanation about 100% Digital, we want to encourage growers and buyers to trade digitally, which is why the benefits of the programme will be strongly emphasised. Growers and buyers can also use a checklist to see to what extent they already comply with 100% Digital operations. Belgian and German growers and buyers will receive this brochure by post next week. Growers and buyers from other countries will receive a digital version.

Activate growers and buyers

The goal of the campaign is not only to inform, but also to activate. We want to encourage growers to create supply in Floriday. They can also make use of the link between their own software package and Floriday. We encourage customers by using the purchase screens in Floriday and ordering from current supply. The first pilots for this will start in early May. We will of course support buyers and growers in this digital transition through (online) workshops, information meetings and through our support team.

Getting started with 100% Digital

In the upcoming period, we will be showcasing how various fellow growers and buyers have started working in order to trade 100% digitally. A number of growers aim to be ready before 1 July. In addition, a number of buyers will start testing digital ordering from these growers from the beginning of May.

More information

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