Royal FloraHolland's Crisis Management Team (CMT) was already working hard before the corona crisis hit the Netherlands. The team focuses on the acute problems in the short term.

They take care of the continuity of the company, supply regulation, communication with customers, the lobby for the floriculture sector and the health and safety of employees and customers. As part of managing the crisis, Royal FloraHolland is already busy preparing for a restart to full capacity within the constraints of the 1.5-metre rule.

Corona Recovery Team

In addition, under the leadership of Ruud Knorr, a Corona Recovery Team (CRT) has been set to work following a two-track policy: an operational and a commercial one. In the medium term, this team will look at how the company can use existing services to respond to new market needs in and after the corona crisis. Already now certain developments are booming. E-commerce is currently growing by a factor of four. Another new development is that liner drivers are buying directly from the growers. Both growers and buyers are creating new needs to which the service has to be adapted.

Strategic course after corona

A strategy team within Royal FloraHolland, led by Arne de Vet, focuses on long-term insights. By means of scenario mapping, internal and external market analyses, and many discussions with growers, buyers and other stakeholders, Royal FloraHolland wants to give direction to the strategic course to be taken post-corona.

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