Many growers want to process all sales directly in Floriday. This means that they want to create their clock deliveries and the processing of their direct sales deliveries in Floriday. Developments to achieve this are underway. You will soon be able to find information on our website about what you can do in Floriday and what is yet to be developed. With this news item, we are giving you an update.

Creating and processing clock deliveries

In Floriday you can create an Electronic Delivery Form (EAB) for a clock delivery. You can do this at the Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Eelde and Veiling Rhein-Maas auction locations. In Floriday you enter delivery information, choose the correct auction location and auction groups and add items or lots. You then determine the load and the number of packaging units. Finally, you take care of the logistical handling of the delivery. You can also print the labels and, if applicable, a plant passport, for example. The trolley layout is configured automatically based on the load chosen and the number of packaging units. At the end, you can print a delivery form to attach to the trolley(s).

You can already find almost everything you need to create a clock delivery in Floriday. We are still working on the ability to do the following things, among others:

  • Correcting a clock delivery
  • Entering the clock presales price directly
  • Creating a delivery for Plantion
  • Adding a service code to attach certain characteristics to the delivery
  • Adding a packaging transfer code (mainly for agents)
  • Entering a minimum price

Creating and processing direct orders

You can also easily create lots and offer them to buyers who buy on FloraMondo or FloraXchange in Floriday. You can also create direct orders manually. You have the option to send an EKT or a Connect-EAB. In this way, the customer receives direct confirmation and, after handling the delivery, you can print the Connect delivery form.

Please note that this is a temporary solution. By the end of 2020, buyers will no longer be able to manually enter orders. From that moment onwards, all buyers will have to place their orders digitally.

You can already find almost everything you need to process a direct order in Floriday. We are still working on the following matters, among others:

  • Correcting and cancelling the direct sales deliveries
  • Adding a packaging transfer code (mainly for agents)

Getting started

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