Members' Council meeting: Corona, membership and sustainability

March 13, 2020
Market information
Regulation & certification

During the informal meeting of the Members’ Council on 12 March 2020, councillors spoke about the situation regarding corona, environmental registration and certification and the membership model.

Uncertainty Corona

The uncertainty caused by the coronavirus worried everyone. Members' Council members expressed concerns about sales, price development and continuity of services. Because of the Coronavirus, it was also decided to postpone the members sessions in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The sessions were scheduled for 16 to 26 March.
In the video, CEO Steven van Schilfgaarde gives an update on corona. He explains what Royal FloraHolland does to keep employees and visitors to our locations safe and healthy and to safeguard the continuity of services.

Vergadering Ledenraad 12 maart 2020

The new membership model

The new membership model is one of the priorities for this year. Concerns were raised about the planning (introduction by 2021). Is it not over ambitious? The Council of Members indicated that a new model is needed, but believes a broad engagement of members in the discussion is also important.

Enforcement of environmental registration and certification

The Members' Council also talked about the Sustainability Leading Team's initial ideas on enforcement of the mandatory environmental registration and certification. In the end, the Members' Council is of the opinion that a stick is needed, but above all it wants a positive approach towards members and trade. After all, the future for growers is green.

Next time...

A formal Members' Council meeting is scheduled for 23 April. One of the topics on the agenda at that meeting will be the annual figures for 2019.

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