Driveway OOST 101 in Naaldwijk closed due to work

REGISTERED: September 16, 2021

The wearing course of the OOST 101 slip road to the 1st floor of the Elsen building in Naaldwijk has worn away/wept away in the bend. Necessary maintenance will be carried out this weekend to replace the wearing course. From Friday 17-09-21 18:00 to Monday 19-09-21 this slip road will be completely closed to all traffic.

Destination traffic to and from the 1st floor can use the Fleuraduct ('de Wokkel') and the entrance and exit south 101. Also, during this weekend some minor repairs will be made to the driveway ZUID 311. During the repairs, this driveway will be partially closed off, but the P-roofs will remain accessible.

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