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Digital environmental registration and certification

Together we grow a green future

Our growers work hard to provide beautiful, high-quality products that make consumers happy. Flowers and plants that are grown with respect for people and the environment. As a sector, we want to show that our products are all right.

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At the same time, we are closely monitored by environmental organisations and market participants such as retailers, and expect stricter environmental laws and regulations to come into force. We want to stay ahead of this by showing, as a sector, that our products are fully compliant. One of the ways we can do this is to encourage and help our growers to become certified.

Royal Flora Holland Milieucertficaat

News: Royal FloraHolland presents a new approach to digital environmental registration and certification

Royal FloraHolland is switching to a new approach to digital environmental registration and certification. The new approach is aimed at encouragement, by guiding growers and making participation easier instead of working with sanctions in the form of fines and temporary exclusion from the marketplace.

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Frequently asked questions

Environmental certificates suppliers


MPS offers a registration tool, certifying body (CB) and environmental certificate in one.

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GLOBALG.A.P. cooperates with registration tools and certifying bodies (CBs).

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Worldwide MPS certificates are satisfactory. In addition, there are a number of other certificates that meet the requirements, namely certificates from GLOBALG.A.P., KFC and Florverde.

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Sustainability in the floriculture sector

Society demands sustainable production and products. Digital environmental registration and certification help us make the process of becoming more sustainable visible. Watch the explanation in the animation below:

Royal Flora Holland MPS


In the MPS-ABC registration environment you perform the digital environmental registration. The CB MPS-ECAS carries out an audit of this. Based on the total score, your company will receive an MPS qualification: A+, A, B or C and corresponding certificate.

In addition to MPS-ABC, you can also obtain the MPS-GAP certificate, where GAP stands for "Good Agricultural Practices". With the combination of MPS-ABC and MPS-GAP, you fully meet the FSI criteria.

From registration to certification via MPS-ABC. How do you start?

  • You can request an offer via
  • After approval of the offer, you can start with digital environmental registration.
  • After 13 consecutive 28-day periods of registration and successful completion of the first audit by MPS-ECAS, you will receive the MPS-ABC environmental certificate.
You can read more on the website MPS and MPS-ECAS.
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Do you opt for environmental registration via GreenlinQdata? This is how it works step by step:

You register with one of the registration tools that meets the FSI criteria.

  • At the same time, you can request an offer from one (or, if available, several) certifying body(ies).
  1. Control Union Certifications
  3. SGS
  • After the quotation has been approved, the CI of your choice will register you with GLOBALG.A.P. for the IDA module. After this you can then start digital environmental registration at GreenlinQdata.
  • After 6 months of digital environmental registration and a successful audit by the CB of your choice, you will receive the environmental certificate. Do you already have a GLOBALG.A.P. IFA FO certificate? Then you can have an audit and certification for the IDA module after 3 months of digital environmental registration.
  • You are not obliged to have an audit carried out after 6 or 3 months of digital environmental registration. You can also choose to have the audit carried out later (up to 12 months). This means that you will also pay the audit costs at a later date. Do you take into account the planning of the audit with the deadline set by Royal FloraHolland for environmental certification?
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Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain

MPS is available as well as the combination GreenlinQdata/ GLOBALG.A.P. In Germany the combination AKOlogic/GLOBALG.A.P. is also available. You'll find more information and an explanation of how to get started on our website, under the heading 'GLOBALG.A.P.' and 'MPS'.

You'll find more information and an explanation of how to get started on our website, under the heading 'GLOBALG.A.P.' and 'MPS'.

In addition to MPS, digital environmental registration and environmental certification is also possible in Israel through GLOBALG.A.P. by means of the two local digital registration tools AKOLogic and FarmManager.

Kenya and Colombia
In Kenya and Colombia, KFC and Florverde are the alternative to MPS.

In Ethiopia, only MPS meets all requirements. EHPEA is still working on linking digital environmental registration to the environmental certificate.

Other countries
In other countries, only MPS is currently available. Growers in these countries can therefore turn to MPS for digital environmental registration and environmental certification.