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Annual report 2020

Joining forces

‘The COVID-19 crisis has made clear that the world around us is changing. Trends that we were already seeing are suddenly moving up a gear. The industry is going digital and global.’

Annual report 2020
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RFH Directie Steven David

Our industry really stepped up to the plate last year. dramatic fall in international demand in March and April obviously led to significant uncertainty among our members. The anticipated major dip in activity did not materialise and the market recovered quickly. A contributory factor was the Emergency Fund, which served as a safety net helping growers maintain their production levels. We are extremely proud of the great resilience shown by our sector. Every grower and trader had a different experience of the crisis, simply because their businesses were impacted differently. Some may have had a good year, while others still continue to grapple with the crisis on a daily basis. The impact of the crisis has made us realise that we need to keep implementing our strategy, so that we can help our growers and buyers get their trade back on track and organise their operations more efficiently. In this way, we are working together on sustainable growth for the floriculture industry.

Steven van Schilfgaarde, CEO Royal FloraHolland

David van Mechelen, CFO Royal FloraHolland

We want to thank our members, buyers and other stakeholders for their collaboration and for placing their trust in us. Connect to grow!

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