Overview of recent functional changes - FloraMondo

FloraMondo is continuously improved. These release notes contain the features that have been added to FloraMondo. Only functional changes are mentioned in the overview below.

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August 2018

Customers can set price increments per customer account. This means that users of customer accounts will see prices on FloraMondo that includes this price increment. You can easily set this up within FloraMondo.

July 2018

  • In FloraMondo you can create additional accounts for your customers. With a customer account you give your customers direct access to FloraMondo, while retaining control. These customer accounts are linked to your own account. And you determine the settings for each customer - from delivery location and purchase limits to sales channels (Clock Presale, direct trade). This makes it easier and faster for your customers to order without you running any risks.
  • Customers can subscribe to a text message service that informs them in the case of non deliverable Clock Pre Sale order

June 2018

Customers can filter on Crop group and Product group in their webshop interface

May 2018

  • From now on, growers will receive a notification from FloraMondo when the transaction status is unknown. The transaction cannot be confirmed in that case by the supplier's grower system, which is linked to FloraMondo via a grower stock link (VMP link). Suppliers receive an e-mail with a request to contact the customer because the latter is not expecting the delivery. Customers also have the option to subscribe to the notification service 'e-mail when transaction status unknown'. You can change this setting of your 'Service contract' for FloraMondo on our portal.
  • Customers can select 'next auction day' in transaction overview to filter transactions

April 2018

  • Customers can filter the supply by colour, whether the main colour or a secondary colour. A green-yellow product can be found by filtering for 'green', 'yellow' or a combination of the two colours

February 2018

  • From now on, you can update the number of units of your clock supply (with an EAB message) when you have already received Auction Presales transactions. You can do this until the lot is physically received and scanned at the Royal FloraHolland location.
  • Suppliers can now block their supply on FloraMondo for up to 100 customers. This was 20.

January 2018

  • We have added a filter with 'country of origin' to the marketplace screen. As you can combine this filter with other filters, you can simply filter according to suppliers and products per country.
  • When entering a manual order in FloraMondo, we always mention the Country of Origin in the EKT message to customers from now.
  • From January, day trading lists will be published on FloraMondo. We call these Expert Selections. Expert Selections are lists of supply compiled by experts. The day trading lists are the first of these lists that we publish to better show you interesting supply. Day trading lists are publicly available to all customers and contain generic supply.
  • The Server capacity has been expanded to ensure good performance.
  • We started publishing release notes, so suppliers and customers can see in a single overview which new functionalities will become available.

December 2017

  • FloraMondo customers can submit feedback online.
  • A filter on ripeness stage has been added to the "Marketplace" screen for customers.
  • Customers can cancel transactions online within 5 minutes. This applies to all transactions on Clock Presale and all transactions to Direct Sales, provided the supplier allows this. You can cancel your transaction in 'My Transactions'. Cancelling a transaction via a webshop link on all transactions was already possible.

November 2017

  • Price warning for suppliers when offering Clock Presale. Suppliers can activate this price warning at 'Settings'.
  • FloraMondo is linked to Floriday as a trade channel. Growers can allocate their supply to FloraMondo from Floriday and receive orders. Many technical adjustments have been made to make this possible, but these are not visible to you as a user. FloraMondo will be further developed as a trade channel for customers. The functionality for suppliers will be transferred to Floriday in 2018.