Auction information

At the largest marketplace in the world you can buy daily everything you need at one time, either on site at our auction locations or from your own workstation. You have the certainty of the widest choice, fresh quality, fast delivery and the current market price.

Our services

Auctionproces Alerts Buyers

Receive a WhatsApp message if there is a malfunction that immediately hinders the auction process.

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EKT Online

EKT Online is a website where you can view and save the purchase overview of the clock purchases of all locations.

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Electronic transaction message

Link our realtime transaction information to your administration. Our electronic delivery messages can help you.

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On the largest digital marketplace in the world, you can find the widest assortment of flowers and plants.

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Mark supply using app

Use your smartphone to mark the auction lots that are of interest to you while viewing the clock supply.

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Non- and early auction days

Here you will find an overview of the non-auction days for our export locations.

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Learn more about the procedures governing breaks and clock disruptions during the auction process.

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Regulations and specifications

The VBN (Association of Flower Auctions in The Netherlands) has prepared general specifications for all product groups.

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Remote buying

You can enter bids from your own workstation at all auction clocks of Royal FloraHolland.

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