FloraMondo customer accounts

Do your customers want to access FloraMondo directly? You can offer your customers this service with a FloraMondo customer account. That is great for your customers because they can see the entire supply and order faster. And it's great for you because direct online ordering saves you a lot of time and increases your chance of a sale.

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In FloraMondo you can create additional accounts for your customers. With a customer account you give your customers direct access to FloraMondo, while retaining control. These customer accounts are linked to your own account. And you determine the settings for each customer - from delivery location and purchase limits to sales channels (Auction Presale). This makes it easier and faster for your customers to order without you running any risks.

Complete security and ease
With a customer account, you give your customers a safe access to FloraMondo and reap the benefit of ease. Here is a list of the benefits:

  • Your customers always buy from FloraMondo through you.
  • You set the purchase limit, the sales channels (Auction Presale) and the delivery addresses.
  • Sensitive company and price information is completely secure; customers can only see their own transactions.
  • You have the choice of setting price surcharges that are directly added to your customer's order.
  • Only you see the data of the supplier, your customers do not.
  • You do not run any supply risk because you do not have to make purchases.
  • Cancellation or suspension of a customer account is possible monthly without charge

Your benefits

  • Satisfied customers because they can order directly.
  • You can organise your purchasing more efficiently.
  • You retain control over your customers' purchases.

What does it cost?

You can create free (an unlimited number of) customer accounts linked to your account at FloraMondo.

How does it work?

Do you already use FloraMondo?

Then it is simple to create customer accounts for your customers:

  • Log into 'My Royal FloraHolland' and go to 'My data'.
  • Click on 'Extra Accounts'.
  • Create an extra account under 'Customer accounts'.
  • Click on 'Add account' and adjust the settings for your customer.
  • Your customer receives an e-mail with instructions for 'My Royal FloraHolland' and can immediately start purchasing from FloraMondo.
Are you not yet using FloraMondo?

Then it is essential to register first for FloraMondo. After you have registered, you can use FloraMondo and easily create customer accounts for your customers.

How does it differ from a webshop link

Customer accounts help you if you want to give your customers access to the assortment of flowers and plants in FloraMondo, but you do not yet have your own webshop. If you have your own webshop, you could just ask for a webshop link. That allows you to offer the supply available in FloraMondo, filtered or unfiltered, inside your own webshop environment.