FloraMondo is an online trading platform of Royal FloraHolland where you can view all the clocks offered and where you can buy Auction Presales. You can also easily link your webshop to FloraMondo.

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All about FloraMondo

Auction presales

Buying quantities as small as one package, to fill every buyer's order.

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Customer accounts

Give your customers direct access to FloraMondo. It saves you time and increases your chances of a sale.

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Clock supply

Well-prepared purchases without surprises.

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Marking supply with app

Knowing for sure that you are buying the right product on the clock.

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Marking supply FloraMondo

Prepare your clock purchases and buy your Clock Presales in one place!

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Webshop service

Wit this service you have a guaranteed supply in your webshop that can be ordered directly 24/7.

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