Would you like to know what your products look like in the shops and what consumers think of them? Storecheck gives you this insight. You can approach your buyers with specific topics and receive valuable feedback about improvement to displays and products. Storecheck can be done at various supermarket chains, DIY store chains, garden centres and florists in twenty European countries.

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Your benefits

  • Greater insight into the assortment at different sales channels.
  • Improve your marketing position with feedback from consumers.

What does it cost?

The cost depends on the duration of the research, the number of questions to be asked of consumers and the number of location photos. Request an estimate without obligations.

How does it work?

Storecheck can be done at various supermarket chains, DIY store chains, garden centres and florists in the following countries: the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Russia and Portugal.

You specify which retailer you prefer and which questions need answering. Our consumer panel then visits that retailer weekly. Via the Storecheck app we ask them to carry out certain tasks and to take photos of the location. This gives you insight into the way in which your flowers and plants are being presented and how the consumer uses the product at home.

Storecheck provides insight into:

  • Availability of your product: you receive reliable photos.
  • Your product on display: you gain insight into the position and quantity of your product in the overall display, the number of buckets or pots and the general display presentation.
  • The consumer's opinion: your product is evaluated according to the criteria you find most important, for example quality perception, colour, packaging, willingness to buy, need for information, life expectancy or reason for purchasing.
  • Sale price of your product: you gain insight into the price of your product and any special offers.
  • Point of sale: you gain insight into the materials used, shop promotion and decoration of displays.

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