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Foldercheck gives you insight into the promotions of more than 100 retailers in 20 European countries. You can see when your product is advertised by which retailers and at what price. This allows you to respond better to advertisements, prices and promotions of supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centers. Foldercheck keeps you up to date on promotions within your sector and as a grower you can maximize the potential of the retail channels you supply.

Your benefits

  • Respond to advertisements, prices and promotions of retailers
  • Better timing of promotions in certain periods
  • Brochure promotions of 100 retailers

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What does it cost?

For more information about the different packages you can choose from and the rates, please contact our customer service.

How does it work?

Every week we identify flowers & plants promotions in more than 20 European countries. We provide a clear insight into:

  • Chain (supermarkets, DIY stores, garden centers)
  • Product category
  • Product type
  • Type of promotion
  • Price
  • Color
  • Pot size
  • Plant height and/or stem length

The data and images are available 24/7 via an online dashboard. This allows you to make selections that meet your needs at a moment that suits you.