Benefits Floratino

Floratino® is a multi-use tray series for pot and garden plants. The tray is sustainable, cheap to use, clean, fitted with a unique identification code and included in our packaging pool. Read the benefits of the Floratino® tray series.


  • Sustainable, less waste and raw material use.
  • Effective loading options.
  • Clean, washed after every circulation.
  • Smart, 5 tray types for total range of pot sizes 7-17 cm.
  • Tracking and Tracing with unique identification marker at tray level.


  • Less waste.
  • Less raw material use.
  • 100% reusable.


  • 5 trays for pot sizes 7 to 17 cm.
  • Effective loading of CC container for supply.
  • Easy to stack (320 empty trays on a CC container).


  • Washed after every circulation.

Part of our packaging pool

  • The trays are part of our regular deposit system.
  • Intended for trade via Direct and also via the clocks.
  • Easy to obtain through collection and return via our packaging depots, the Rhein-Maas Auction and Plantion.

Tracking and Tracing

  • Barcode and data matrix.
  • Unique series number.
  • GS1 standard.