Royal FloraHolland | Urgent sale service at Rijnsburg

Urgent sale service at Rijnsburg

You have already received all of your products and you are practically ready to leave. But you are still waiting for the last products that are being auctioned. Buy these products with the Urgent sale service. Your products will arrive extremely quickly in your box. And you can set off sooner to meet your buyers.

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Your benefits

  • You receive your products faster in your box.
  • You can start your logistics process earlier.
  • You can serve your own buyers faster.

What does it cost?

You will find the rates for this service under 'Other customer rates', on the page Customer rates.

How does it work?

As a buyer at Rijnsburg you can specify that you want an 'urgent sale'. Your products will then be removed earlier from the distribution system and handled by a special team of Royal FloraHolland. Our staff will ensure that your products are delivered quickly and in order in your box.

With a subscription to Urgent sale service, you receive your products in your box within an hour. For a single use of the Urgent sale service, they arrive within one hour.